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Introduction to Film

Page history last edited by Jonathan Frome 11 years, 6 months ago

Clips useful for Introduction to Film


Feel free to add to this list if you want recommendations for other types of clips.






Screen direction






Shot/reverse shot


Jump cut

  • Brick: 1:19


Graphic match

  • Brick: arch symbol on note and sewer tunnel -- 0:23
  • Brick: Brendan earlier and later -- 0:29
  • Heros s1e2: Hiro in Japan and New York -- 0:07
  • The Killer






Fade in / out


Eyeline match


Overlapping editing


Axial cut

  • Heros s1e7: three cuts into doorknob -- 0:26


Long take:

  • Kill Bill v. 1: the Bride in O-ren's house -- 1:11





Low-angle shot

  • Brick: scene in VP's office -- 0:38


High-angle shot

  • Kill Bill  v.1: opening fight with Copperhead -- 0:10
  • Kill Bill v. 1: the Bride in O-ren's house -- 1:11


Subjective POV

  • Brick: no glasses to glasses -- 0:44
  • The Killer


Retrograde zoom





Subjective audio

  • In the Company of Men: last scene, deaf woman can't hear him screaming




Continuity errors

  • Brick: two students in background walk the same way twice between shots -- 0:31


Authorial commentary

  • Fargo: XLS, Jerry walks to car isolated in snow  -- 0:22




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